Sunday, January 5, 2014

My new Kerkstraat mittens are out!

Hi everybody!

I hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year!

As of later today, I will be starting on a folk high school, which is a sort of six month long course - in my case focused on journalism. I'll be living there for six months, which I'm really excited about, although it's also kind of weird, and I haven't really wrapped my mind around it yet!

Anyways, I just managed to finish my new Kerkstraat pattern before I leave! Yay!

The mittens are made using fingering weight yarn, which makes a very detailed pattern. The Kerkstraat mittens have a cable pattern on one side and a slip stitch palm on the other.

They're knit using the lovely Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light, which I bought on my trip to Amsterdam last summer - hence the name Kerkstraat, which is a street in Amsterdam.

I'm really excited about this new pattern, and I hope you like it, too!

See you guys!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

New pattern and KAL: Down the Chimney Mitts

My new pattern, the Down the Chimney Mitts pattern, was released last week:

The mitts are knit using the very fall yarn I received some time ago. It's the lovely, springy, beautifully variegated Perfectly Posh Sport by Dream in Color Yarn in the beautiful burnt-orangey-red-brown color, "Daylily".

The mitts have a fun and interesting smocking stitch pattern on the back of the hand, and they feature a folded cuff at the top for added warmth.

And now for the fun part: The pattern is featured in my December KAL, which you can check out here. Join us now for the chance to win some lovely Dream in Color yarn and a bunch of other prizes!

The pattern will be available for free for all KAL participants throughout the KAL period from December 2nd through December 20th.

Come join us now and knit a cozy pair of mitts for yourself or for gifting away this Christmas!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Winner of the Malabrigo "Nube" roving giveaway!

Hi everybody!

So, yesterday was the last day in the Malabrigo "Nube" giveaway that I hosted. Due to the shipping costs (Danish shipping costs are insane!) for shipping the two merino rovings separately, I decided that one winner would win both rovings instead!

I used the True Random Number Generator to pick a winner. There were 56 entries (thank you so much for your enthusiasm, btw!) ...

... aaand the generator picked post no. 23 - which was written by Kendall Nahorniak!

So, congratulations, Kendall! I'm contacting you now to get your information, and I'll have this gorgeous prize shipped out to you as soon as possible!

Thanks again everybody for your huge interest in this giveway! I really enjoyed reading all your comments, and I hope that I'll soon be able to host another giveaway for you guys!

Monday, October 7, 2013

A very fally yarn

Yesterday, I spend most of the day laid up with the flu, or so I thought, because it never really hit and today I find myself much better, although my muscles are still very sore and my head is still ringing and I'm kind of dizzy, but I simply won't spend another day in bed.

Fortunately, there's nothing like a beautiful yarn to cheer you up and make you feel all better, which was exactly what I received from my mailman this morning.

Remember how I said that I was going to work with Dream in Color again? Well, today I received two beautiful skeins of their new, wonderfully soft Perfectly Posh Sport yarn, which is a 70% merino wool, 10% cashmere, 10% silk and 10% baby fine mohair yarn.

It’s very to the touch, yet it seems to be very sturdy.

The design will, like the Pagoda set, be featured in a KAL in the I Dream in Color group on Ravelry, which I’m very much looking forward to!

The Voluminosa KAL in my own group is drawing to a close, and I find myself feeling rather sad that it’s ending. It’s been so much fun and I was completely blown away by all the positive responses and all the enthusiasm regarding the KAL and the pattern. You guys are great!

I'll keep you updated on this new, fally design with Dream in Color Perfectly Post Sport (the colorway is called "Daylily, by the way).

I hope you guys are doing good and haven't caught any illnesses lately!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

How to block your mittens

Last month, I purchased my first pair of sock blockers. They’re an ingenious invention, if you ask me, and they’re a must for every sock knitter, who wants to add that little extra touch to a pair of finished socks.

The sock blockers had me wondering, though: How come there aren't any mitten blockers?

Fortunately, they're not that hard to make with a piece of cardboard, and they really do that last bit for your mittens so they, too, will look spectacular. It’s really a shame not to add that extra touch to your finished hand-knitted item, big or small, when you’ve probably put a lot of work into the actual knitting.

First, to create your own cardboard mitten blockers, you want to look for the finished measurements in your pattern. You want a template that is slightly shorter across, than the finished width of the mitten is.

For instance, the finished circumference of the knitted mitten pictured above is 7½'', which is 3¾'' across (half the circumference). The template, however, only measures 3½''. If you want a good, average-sized template that fits most mittens, 3½'' is a good go-to size.

Why is the template slightly smaller than the mitten? This is because the fabric adds additional volume, and a template with the exact measurements that you want your mitten to have will give you a mitten that’s too big, because of the added volume of the fabric. Remember, the template is going to be inside the mitten, so the width of the template will be the inside width of the mitten.

To block your finished mitten, you want to make sure that you squeeze out all excess water. Rolling up the wet mitten in a towel and gently stepping on it will give you a nice, moist fabric that won’t wrinkle the cardboard too much when drying.

You may want to cut out a thumb, too. Just remember that it'll have to be separated from the mitten body; otherwise it'll be impossible to pull the mitten on. After you've inserted the mitten template, carefully insert the thumb template into the knitted thumb.

Now, I've done some measuring and drawing in Illustrator, and I've made a template that you can download and print out, and it'll have the exact width of 3½''.

Click here to view and download the template now!

Simply print out the template, cut along the edges, and transfer the paper template onto a hard piece of cardboard. Happy blocking!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Yarn goodies

I just received these beauties in the mail today...

It's Sweet Fiber Yarns' Super Sweet Sock in colors "Smoke" and "Winter". Really stunning! Along with my super soft Miss Babs Tierno yarn, this is going to be featured in the new accessory collection that I'm working on. Really excited about this, and I can't wait to get working with this new, scrumptious yarn.

I have a ton of projects going on right now, plus I have started taking driving lessons! It's really exciting, and I can't wait to get my driver's license!

Plus, summer continues...

...and our beautiful sunflowers are just getting bigger. Pretty, right?

On another account, my Pagoda set from last year is now going to be featured on Dream in Color yarns' website, aaand I'm doing another design for them using their new "Perfectly Posh Sport" yarn! This will also result in a KAL - with Dream in Color yarn prizes. Stay tuned!

Btw, don't forget the Voluminosa KAL with a ton of Malabrigo prizes, which begins in only two days!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

First day of fall

The first day of September is always kind of special, beautiful leaf-covered streets and lawns and warm strays of afternoon sun on their way, and, of course, lots and lots of fall knitting.

Today was especially cold and rainy, but we haven't turned on the heat in the house just yet, because there are still sun and warmth left according to the forecast, but luckily my Staghorn Aran sweater was lying in the closet waiting for me.

I'm knitting the Ribbed Ribbon Socks from Wendy Johnson's Socks from the toe up, using a beautiful custom-dyed sock yarn from English Wharfedale Woolworks. I especially look forward to trying out my new Knit Pro sock blockers to really make the lace pattern pop!

I'm also making a birthday / Christmas present for my mom using this beautiful, tweedy Irish Donegal yarn:

It's a beautiful red shade with little flecks of color. The base is very rustic, but it's still soft, being pure merino wool, and it knits up very nicely. It'll be a pair of mittens for my mom for either her birthday in October or for Christmas. Haven't decided yet.

On a totally different account, I went to London yesterday with my sister for a same-day-return-trip. Yep, that's right, London is no more than an hour an a half away from Copenhagen.

We went to Her Majesty's Theatre near Piccadilly Circus to watch The Phantom of the Opera, which was incredibly beautiful. The stage, the costumes, the songs... all breathtaking.

We also went to Oxford Street for a little shopping. It was such a great day, and such a nice little break.