Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August autumn weather

So, last year at about this time I lay sprawled out on a quilt in the garden, getting all freckled, reading a book, listening to a hundred happy birds nesting, and about twice as many buzzing bees swarming all around the dozens of flowers in the flowerbed.
Although the sun is now fighting its way through the thick, white clouds, it's extremely windy, and the trees are bending in the wind like we're in the middle of november.

Well, luckily I've got my knitting and that'll do for me. I actually tried sitting out on the terrace all covered up, buuut it was a bit too windy for my personal knitting taste...

What I'm working on more specifically is a pair of hot red/orange striped fingerless gloves that turns out to be just the type of cool knitwear I wanted to make with the cool merino sport weight yarn from Berlin.
The mitts are very simple to make, and as soon as they are ready to go I'm off to photo shooting and pattern writing.
See you in a bit!

- Oh, and my camera is not very familiar with harsh colors, so it's making them even harsher. Really, they're not that luminous.

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