Sunday, July 29, 2012

Updated version of the Smocked Sheaf Beret - download now!

Last year I published my very first design made for public, and this summer I'm working on a bunch of new designs to come. While I'm waiting on my new stuff to arrive, I've been working on an updated version of last years Smocked Sheaf Beret (which was then a beanie, not a beret). Now a new and improved version has been uploaded to Ravelry.

The decrease rows have been modified so the stitches are decreased more evenly. Also, I've made the hat a bit longer, which gives a more slouchy look as you can see on the above picture.

You can still download the pattern for free - simply go to the Ravelry page and click the download button. Feel free to comment and ask questions regarding the pattern here and on Ravelry.

Also, thanks a lot for all the likes on Ravelry and to all the people who have queued this item and finished knitting their own. I really appreciate it and it's what makes me want to create more and more. I mean, check these awesome Smocked Sheaf Berets out:

That has got to warm one's heart! :)

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