Monday, August 27, 2012

Sick day

I've caught the flu, and have been lying in bed the last couple of days. Gosh, I hate that. I almost never get sick, but when I do I get extremely bored because I want to do all these things, but in the end I just don't feel like it.

I don't remember the last time I watched this much television. My mom and I went Lost crazy this weekend. I think we watched about seven episodes saturday and a couple more sunday, where I also watched my newly arrived The Hunger Games DVD, which I got home a couple of days ago - very conveniently.

I stayed home from school today, and luckily my postman decided to come by with my package from Eden Cottage Yarns today, which was very fortunate, because I might as well have been bored to death doing nothing but being sick.

I have ordered from Vikki's Etsy shop three times now, and I really love receiving packages from her. Ordering from people's Etsy shops is just so much more personal. Look at the cute little star sequins she has covered the skeins with! All four of the grey skeins are in the same color, Slate, but one of them is in a different dye lot than the others and is going to be used in its own project. The gold-yellowish color is called Harvest Gold and is really pretty, too. All of it is the yummy Bowland DK which comes in all sorts of great colorways.

Oh, and by the way - this is not a sponsored post. ;) I just happen to like this shop, and I love to share my good shopping experiences with you. This was definitely one of them.

Hope you're all doing well out there and hopefully without any sickness around. Take care!

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