Saturday, September 1, 2012

Buying knits - and my new design in progress

The fact that I enjoy knitting my own garments and accessories doesn't stop me from buying knitted pieces when I go shopping. It's mostly sweaters and bigger items, though; I can't remember the last time I bought a pair of knitted mittens or a hat for myself, simply because I knit them all the time.

Today I found this cabled pullover in a mustard-yellowy type of color and I couldn't help myself.

I have a thing for cables, as you may know... and also I just love all things mustard. I loved this sweater with the horizontal cables and the oversized fit.

Today is the 1st of September, which basically means that it's no longer so weird to be knitting all sorts of woolly stuff anymore. I'm glad that we shot the photos for Canella outside in our own garden, considering the fact that I was wearing my (very) warm padded winter coat and a scarf, not to mention the Canella mitts, in what was probably about 25 degrees. I must have looked ridiculous.

Anyway: The second photo in today's post features my new design in progress, which is coming out really well, I think. Really looking forward to see how it turns out. I'll get back to that later.

See you guys and happy first day of fall!


  1. That charming sweater is very becoming of you! :-)
    It calls forth nice and warm feelings of autumn and the enchanting colours that make out the trees' deaths!
    (Morbid as it may sound - almost like how a star shines brighter in its final stages)

    Are you back in school and coping well with it? :D

    1. Yup, I sure am! Both weird and nice starting up my last year. I love-love-love all colors of fall. They're so warm and pretty. Hope you're doing well, too!

  2. Jeg har det på samme måde, tiden flyver af sted. Har også haft en lidt blød opstart med nogle aflyste timer, hvor jeg ellers skulle være i skole fra 9 til 16.30, men nu når jeg har vænnet mig til tanken om to lange dage i starten af ugen, gør det mig ikke så meget. Mandag skole fra 8.10-16.30 og tirsdag 9.10-16.30, det lyder lidt hårdt, synes jeg.

    Hvordan har du det med dit skema, har du også nogle grove dage?