Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fall knits and buttercup colored mittens

I have a lot going on these days. And a ton of new ideas tumbling around in my head.

I have been giving out my last three patterns, Arya, Canella and Webby, to a couple of enthusiastic test knitters in the last week (by the way, thanks for all your hard work these last couple of days!) which I have found really enjoyable. I love seeing my patterns in action and knitted up in a ton of different yarns and colors.

It's a fun way for knitters, too, to get a lot of free patterns and the chance to test a ton of different patterns in the testing forums on Ravelry. I'm in The Testing Pool, where I found all of my test knitters for my last three patterns.

Right now I'm knitting buttercup. Or Harvest Gold, which is the name of the colorway:

As you can see, I'm writing and sketching a lot. And drinking cocoa. Anyway, I have a lot going on, and this mitten design is my current project.

You might want to keep an eye on the testing forums if you are interested in testing people's designs. These will probably also be put there once they're finished.

What are you guys knitting these days?

1 comment:

  1. Currently knitting 'A Grey Loop'
    Please let me know when you start looking for testers for the next hat!!