Saturday, December 15, 2012

Dream in Color design in progress!

I'm now as good as finished with the first part of my new hat + mitten design for Dream in Color. The yarn, Calm, is squishy and soft and a pleasure to work with. I can't wait to finish the mittens as well!

If you're interested in test knitting this hat, keep an eye on the Woolly World Knits group, where I will probably send out a notification in a couple of weeks for any interested volunteer testers.

Also, Christmas is right around the corner, but I have a big assignment to finish off before I can fully enjoy the holidays.

I wish you all a merry Christmas anyway! Are any of you working on some interesting Christmas projects for friends or family or perhaps for yourself?


  1. Your hat looks really interesting!
    My christmas project was finished some weeks ago, a shawl for my mother. Now I'm knitting my mittens, 2.25mm needles are really exhausting.
    Wish you a merry christmas :)

  2. I'm writing a bunch of patterns for the presents i made for this season. its funny how much work i give myself as soon as im done with school :P

    That yarn looks amazing by the way.

    1. It does, right? And me, too! As soon as I have finished off my assignment, I know I will start working on a bunch of stuff as well. :b

      Good luck with your patterns!

  3. Oh it looks beautiful! I just love those twisty cables.