Sunday, April 7, 2013

Did I mention? The Tamora hat is out!

My newest pattern, the Tamora hat, is now open for download!

The hat is a very simple moss stitch pattern, which goes really well with the fuzzy yarn that has a slight halo.

I've been working almost full-time on my Staghorn Aran this weekend, slowly getting closer to the finish line. Funny, how I always seem to be speeding up my sweater knitting process as soon as spring is about to announce its arrival ...

I have a ton of other sweater patterns that I want to knit - as in, very soon! - so I've finally picked up my Staghorn from the stash so I can finish it. I really want to make the Bedford sweater in a beautifully heathered red wine color. Can't wait!

What are you guys working at this weekend?

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