Sunday, May 26, 2013

Knitting myself a scarf ...

So, I realized that I'd never actually made a real scarf before, or at least not one that I'd published, even though scarves are usually a must-knit.

Yesterday, I began knitting one and I knit all the way to Malmö, Sweden, where my parents and I often go and shop in the weekends. When I say "all the way" it's really not that far, as we live very near the bridge to Sweden, and so it takes approximately 45 minutes to get there. My dad is Swedish, so my family and I have always had a soft spot for our neighbor country across the water.

The yarn that I'm using is Drops Lima, which is a lovely mix of 65% wool and 35% alpaca. It's the same as the Drops Nepal I used for my Staghorn Aran; only slightly more light-weight. The mix of wool and alpaca gives the yarn a sturdy yet soft texture and it's not too heavy like pure alpaca can sometimes be for bigger projects.

The scarf is coming out really well and I can't wait to finish and block it so it'll get just that right amount of drape that a beautiful scarf needs.

I hope you're all enjoying this Sunday afternoon. I'm in the middle of my finals, so it's only a little less than a month before I get my diploma! Tomorrow I have my written examination in English.

Wish me luck!

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