Thursday, June 6, 2013

A brown Webby in progress

I'm studying urban planning right now for my geography exam next week, and while I'm waiting for another size of needles to get started on my Malabrigo project, I found a single skein of Bowland DK lying in my stash just waiting for the right one-skein project to come along.

The color is "Autumn" and it has different brown shades, perfect for a simple project that really shows off the different tones.

So I'm knitting another Webby, which gives me the opportunity to go through one of my older patterns again and see if I want to add something that I have learned from my more recent patterns.

It also gives me the opportunity to read a pattern as a regular knitter, not a designer, and see if it actually makes sense, if it's readable, if the layout of the pattern works in practice and so on. To test one of my patterns in actual practice.

This is fun! And I can't wait to get a new Webby in this golden brown colorway.

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