Thursday, June 20, 2013

Checking my gauge

I've waited for the beautiful Alecia Beth cardigan to come out, and now it has! It's knitted by the wonderfully talented Polish designer, Justyna Lorkowska.

I found this gorgeous purple colorway called Buddleja in Eden Cottage Yarns' online store, and immediately bought it for the cardigan.

I have a soft spot for purples, and I fell for this particular colorway immediately. The yarn is Tempo 4ply, which is soft and springy and it's also superwash, which means perfect for lots and lots of wear!

Checking gauge is not my favorite knitting occupation, but it's important and I take my time doing it, especially with larger projects such as this so I don't end up with a garment that is nowhere near the size I wanted.

(Don't worry, I'm not actually checking my gauge in the picture, otherwise I wouldn't have laid the sample that way.) I'm only halfway through the sample, after which I will wash and block it to see how it behaves. Also, the sample is going to be measured lying on a flat surface (not folded around the corner of the table like in the picture) to ensure accurate measurements.

Checking gauge can be time consuming, but fortunately I've got plenty of time in the next long time to come. I have my very last exam on Monday, after which there's a whole week of different parties and different ceremonies to attend.

I can't believe three full years have flown by this fast! From now until Christmas, I'll have plenty of free time and absolutely no school at all. Oh, am I gonna enjoy this!

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  1. Hurray no school! Enjoy it while you can :-)