Monday, August 19, 2013

Knitting into the fall ...

It is definitely getting colder these days, chillier winds taking over the hot, humid weather that's been around for the last couple of months.

I don't think summer's completely over just yet, though, but still it's becoming easier to imagine fall on its way, and, after all, there's no harm in starting to plan one's fall wardrobe already ...

I just received my first Elizabeth Zimmermann book today. I've heard so much about her and really want to read and learn from this knitting legend. I got a copy of her famous Knitter's Almanac, which is packed with techniques and stories and all kinds of knitting related things that I really look forward to diving into.

Next, I want to buy her Knitting Without Tears, which should be equally stocked with different techniques and all sorts of practical knitting stuff.

Along with the Knitter's Almanac, another package came in my mailbox today containing a beautiful skein of Artesano Aran yarn:

I really wanted a simple, slouchy, big and stretchy hat for fall and winter that had a muted, neutral color, ideal for mixing and matching with my other accessories.

Artesano Aran has the perfect weight, it's the perfect blend of wool and alpaca, which adds both sturdiness (wool) and drape (alpaca), and it has the perfect, muted grayish color ("Rosewood").

First, though (or maybe in between), I'm working on the alpaca/silk blend project that I told you about earlier, which I'm very excited about.

Did I mention that this will be part of a new accessory collection? Yep, that's right! But I really can't tell you anymore, because I'm sure it'll be way better if most of this is kept a secret! Stay tuned!


  1. Oooh collection? This keeping secrets business is killing me!!!

  2. I have the same book in my library. And I confess - it's still untouched :-D