Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Silky soft

Lots of stuff going on. I just received this beauty yesterday:

It's a beautiful treat of wonderfully soft alpaca and silk. I got this pretty light blue color ...

... and a plain, silky white one.

What's with the yellow? It's a piece of scrap yarn from the Avena mittens that I'm using for a provisional cast on. This is fun! And it's been sooo long since I used my crochet hook for anything besides picking up dropped stitches.

Now I'm picking up the actual stitches from the working yarn through the little bumps in the crochet chain. The yellow scrap yarn will of course be removed later.

Are you working on anything exciting knit-wise these days?


  1. Oh no not the dreaded provisional cast on!
    If you can come up with an easy tutorial for it you'll be my hero because there are NO easy instructions anywhere online.
    That blue silk looks amazing!

    1. Oh, I actually learned it online. I'm very visual when it comes to learning, and I almost always have to have an actual video showing me the new techniques that I want to learn.

      Here's the one I found was best: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3OGG0AiJ3XE
      I really like Staci's videos in general. She's very good at explaining different knitting techniques without making it too complicated.