Friday, July 17, 2015


I'm enjoying a couple of weeks away from home at my boyfriend's parents' house, which is a sunny countryside place a short stroll away from the harbor and the sea and the nice, little local town.

It's so nice to be away for a while and just relax and really don't do anything at all besides eating good food, knitting and just sitting outside on the terrace or on the beach.

We've been on a couple of trips around the island and also visited one of the other charming little islands an hour and a half away from here in parents in law's very nice sailing boat.

I've had time to knit as well, of course. Mostly on a new project, which is a dark, forestry green, bobbly patterned sweater for boyfriend, which is coming out really nice, I think! I'm very excited to see the result, and he's also very excited about it, I think.

Also, we drove out to a nice, little local yarn store one day, which was the most charming little shop just by the countryroad. A nice, little quiet place. The inside was just filled with all sorts of beautiful yarns and all kinds of knitted things, knitting needles and other accessories and books. A lot of it was local stuff, including these two lovely skeins of pure wool that I brought home:

This yarn was specifically made for this little shop, and it's a nice, woolen, fuzzy dark charcoal yarn with a nice, soft halo, and with a rustic look to it. It was bred and produced locally and they didn't make a lot on it, but the two owners thought it was a lot of fun and they enjoyed making it. I couldn't resist buying these two skeins, of course.

I've really been busy these last couple of months building up my old Instagram profile, which I've really begun to enjoy! Please come check out this nice virtual picture universe, if you're not already in there. It's so much fun and there are a lot of nice people and just tons of inspiration.

Hope you're all doing well and enjoying yourselves and your holidays out there.

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