Thursday, January 28, 2016

Hooked on granny squares

Last week, we were heading home to visit my boyfriend's parents for a few days. Just as we were packed and about to leave, a package containing a bundle of six woolen skeins arrived. I had to bring the package with me, of course, which in the end led to hours of cozy crocheting with my mother-in-law, who ended up deciding to order some yarn for her own blanket project.

I've started making teeny little crochet squares that will - hopefully - one day become a colorful blanket. I'm very excited about the project and I've taken quite some time looking at and trying out different types of yarns for the project that I had in mind.

I found out fast that the squares I wanted to make had to be in a fine yarn to really make the squares detailed and not too chunky. It had to be wool, not cotton, to achieve a lighter fabric. I finally settled on Cascade 220 Fingering, which, like all other Cascade yarns, comes in a variety of colors, which is perfect for a project like this, only it didn't make it easier to decide on colors. Finally, I decided to just go for it and not give it too much thought and I kind of just grabbed six colors that spoke to me the most but still worked well together.

Visiting my parents-in-law, we also had time to stop by the local yarn shop, which is a charming little shop near the road and surrounded by open fields. They stock all sorts of yarns and equipment. The owners are this married couple, who has their little shop beside their house. I've only met the husband, and he's very chatty and knows all sorts of things about the different fibers and patterns they stock.

Back home now, I have a lot of studying to do these days, but I still manage to squeeze in a little crocheting or knitting every once in a while. I hope you're all doing well! Take care.


  1. I started with granny squares too! Hahah I remember those days when I saw your post today!

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